Research on Chicken Ordinances in Wisconsin

wisconsin chicken lawsCorinne Swatzina of Prescott, WI, put in a lot of time researching and recording many of the cities/villages/townships in Wisconsin that permit urban chickens. Her documentation of her research is much appreciated by all us working to pass similar ordinances in our towns and cities.

Not every city in Wisconsin that has an ordinance is listed here, but I’m estimating this is a pretty good representation. For a full run down of her report check out Chicken Laws in Wisconsin Cities.

If there are other cities in Wisconsin that you have information on and you’d like to see added to that page please contact Anne through our contact page.


November Meeting Postponed

Hello all… Because of the Thanksgiving Holiday the November meeting will not take place. Not much to discuss anyway at this point.

As for December we’ll have the meeting on the 15th (5pm, 3rd floor Harmony Cafe, Appleton). At that point we hope to have some more information on the initial proposal being submitted to City Council and where it might stand with the Health Department. I’ll be adding some great information gathered by Corinne Swatzina in Prescott, WI, on other Wisconsin communities that have passed backyard chicken ordinances. You can see some of the information on our City Peeps Facebook page right now.

Pro-Chicken Ad from 1918

Shannon forwarded this ad to me earlier today. Interesting how the US government was promoting backyard chicken keeping at one time. “In time of peace a profitable recreation. In time of war a patriotic duty.”