We Need Help With the Final Push

The Appleton Health Board will likely be voting on a Chicken ordinance on Wednesday, June 6 at their 7am mtg. And, if it passes, it will go to the full council for a vote, which could happen as early as that same night.

We have 3 weeks to make a final push for chickens in Appleton! And we need help.

Please everyone contact your Alderperson and let him or her know that you support chickens & why. The FAQ sheet can help you answer any questions the Alderperson may have. Contacting your Alderperson can be as simple as a quick email saying who you are, where you live, and that you support chickens and you hope he or she will too. This can really mean a lot.

To find/contact your Alderperson:

  • click on the My Neighborhood icon on the city home page ( http://appleton.org/ ).
  • Once in My Neighborhood, enter your street address as requested and click on “submit”.
  • Your property ID number and address should appear on the screen.
  • Click on the property ID number (in blue) on the left side of the property information.
  • When your property information is shown, click on the “Voting” tab to obtain your Alderperson information.
  • To contact your Alderperson, click on his or her name. Contact information should appear.

But, don’t stop there! You can also send an email to the entire City Council here: http://www.appleton.org/departments/?department=13eb3a3729c9

Thank you all for your help!!

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