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Vote From the Appleton Health Board!


An update on last Thursday morning’s Health Board mtg:

The vast majority of speakers last Thursday were chicken supporters. The concerns expressed today were much more reality-based, and much less fear-based, which is a good thing. The major concerns shared by Health Board were:

These are all concerns that City Peeps share with City Staff, and with people on both sides of the chicken issue. Reality-based concerns can actually be dealt with and solved.

These concerns in more detail…

Impact on city staff workload: city staff is already stretched, whether it be Health Department, Building Inspections, Police. It was estimated that each license holder will add 3 hours of workload to Health Dept and 1 hour to Building Inspections. Police workload additions would most-likely be case-by-case and related to a few bad apples who are irresponsible in chicken raising. Health Board was estimating there would be 100 licenses sought in Appleton, which would equate to 300 extra work hours for Health, and 100 extra hours for Inspections. We believe that number is far larger than reality. Last year Madison had approx 100 licenses, and Green Bay had 12-15. In the coming week, we’ll be doing more research so that we can offer a best-guess estimate as to the number of license holders Appleton will likely see.

Dealing with “bad apples”: after the mtg this morning, 4 Peeps Leadership folks met briefly with Cathy Spears (the lone “no vote”), and we may have stumbled upon another idea that would accomplish what the neighbor approval requirement was trying to do (eliminate the people who will not responsibility raise chickens), while protecting the responsible chicken owners from unjust veto power by neighbors. Dealing proactively with the “bad apples” is in City Peeps best interest, and it also helps limit city staff workload issues & headaches. We’ll be researching this idea prior to the City Council meeting next Wednesday.

More details as they become available!