Attend Appleton City Council This Wednesday July 18th

City Council meeting is this Wednesday, July 18, 7pm on the 6th floor of City Hall.

Please all attend, if able. Vote may or may not happen. Also, I’d encourage y’all to speak on behalf of chickens, as there will likely be some chicken detractors speaking.

If you are willing to speak:

  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to sign up to speak.
  • You’ll need to state your name and address (Appleton).
  • From there, it could be as simple as saying you support urban chickens, and you encourage city council to do the same.
  • Keep any additional comments fact-based and respectful (remember there are good people on both sides of this issue, as well as in the middle, but not everyone has all the facts).

Hope to see all you chicken supporters there! Thanks to everyone!!!

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