Chickens vs. Dogs & Cats

This very interesting graphic chart is a good way to represent the similarities and differences between chickens as urban pets and dogs & cats. There’s a lot of similarities, but the differences are very positive in favor of chickens. See what you think.

Chart from Woodlot Farms:



Down But Not Out

Unfortunately, the Appleton city council decided to vote down our proposed ordinance on having backyard chickens this past Wednesday night. It is a sad, but only temporary setback, for us.

Stay tuned for more developments on our efforts to continue campaigning for urban chickens in Appleton. It’ll be a year before we can re-submit our request, and in that time we can do a lot to regroup and restrategize.

Thanks to ALL who have supported our efforts so far! And thanks to Shannon, our intrepid leader.


Last Call !!!!

The final vote will take place tonight, August 1st 2012, by the Appleton City Council on the chicken ordinance. Our success is not a sure thing! So please, please attend the meeting and, if possible, say a couple words about your support of backyard chickens.

The meeting starts at 7pm and will be on the 6th floor of City Hall (but get there 15-20 minutes early if you’d like to get on the list to speak). How to get to Appleton City Hall: